s/v TWIG

Saga 43 - Hull #39

Navigation Lights

The Navigation lights are controlled by CZone. The lights you show other craft signify your legal status and affect your right of way rights. Learn what each of the lights means as well as the many light configurations on various other types of craft. A sliderule is kept in the chart table to help identify lights seen at night.

The compass light has a separate cockpit mounted switch in addition to the panel breaker to switch on when desired. Carry spare light bulbs. Always check navigation lights before leaving the dock or mooring, even if you do not expect to stay out after dusk. You may be unexpectedly delayed.

Refer to USCG Publication #CG-169 RULES OF THE ROAD (COLREGS) for more information on lights and navigation rules.

When the deck-level nav lights and aft anchor light are on the aft anchor will flash once per second instead of steady on. This could be used to help gain attention in emergency situations.

Engine In Gear

Any time the engine is propelling the vessel, even if sails are raised and drawing. If you are running the engine in neutral for battery charging the following does not apply.

  1. Turn on “NAVIGATION LIGHTS” breaker. Red and Green sidelights (on bow rail) along with a white stern light (on stern rail) will illuminate.
  2. Turn on “STEAMING LIGHT”. White light on forward face of mast. Although located at half height, legally designated the “masthead” light.


When operating as a sailboat only, you may choose to use the combination Tri-Color light (Red, Green, and White) at the masthead OR the deck-level navigation lights. Even though located on the top of the mast, the Tri-Color is not the “masthead” light. DO NOT USE the Tri-Color light simultaneously with any other navigation lights or whenever operating propulsion machinery.

  1. Turn off “STEAMING LIGHT”
  3. Turn on “TRI LIGHT”. If there is a lot of traffic in close proximity we switch off TRI and turn on NAVIGATION.


When at anchor, where required, show the 360 degree white light on top of the mast.

  1. Turn on “MAST LIGHT”
  2. Turn on “COCKPIT LIGHTS”
  3. Turn on “READING LIGHTS”
  4. Plug in anchor daymark light into the 12v receptacle found in storage compartment at the base of the mast on the starboard side.
  5. Turn on the reading light switch in the forward cabin located against the hull on the port side below the cabinets.